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Smokey, salty, sweet and packed  with protein. You will  be able to enjoy different  types of flavorful taste. Living in Louisiana for over a decade and cooking since I was 6 years old. I always tell myself  "If its Jerk-y! It's Beef"!


Phon Phon's Jerky  consist of many different, flavorful taste. Currently,  we are carrying four different types of flavors. 1 bag,  consist of  6 ounces of jerky.  Our very first Jerky is  "Caution Extremely chili" which is not too spicy,  is sweet and with a little hint of smokey taste. Our second Jerky is "Caution Extreme Hotness" this is one of favorite it's very spicy to the max,  it's addicting and packed with flavor. It's sweet, spicy, salty and sticky.  Our third Jerky is  "Ketokyo" it's mild teriyaki flavor, does not contain any sugar, it's keto friendly for all our keto friends.  Our fourth Jerky is " Sesame For You" it's a Lao traditional beef jerky. it's sweet, salty and very flavorful.  You can fry it, or if you're like me, I like pop it in the microwave for 10sec and eat it with sticky rice.  Our Fifth jerky is " Berry Pepper" very flavorful, teriyaki flavor with a kick of black peppers. Your traditional beef Jerky.  All our Jerky is freshly homemade and most importantly it's made with love.



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